Legal searches

We are anxious to specify that all the searches realized by Thierry Jamin and the Inkari group are systematically the object of a project managed by a Peruvian archaeologist and presented to competent authorities : Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Environment, etc.

The archaeological researches of Thierry Jamin and the Institute Inkari - Cusco, on the tracks of Paititi, respect the Archaeological Regulation of Intervention, approved by the Supreme Decree N° 003 - 2014 - MC.

Besides, Thierry Jamin's searches also respect the "General Law of the Cultural heritage of the Nation", Law N˚ 28296, of July 21st, 2004.

Every campaign of search is the object of a project subjected to the Ministry of Culture, which, after examination, endorses it through a Resolution Vice-Ministerial.

In the term of every campaign, Thierry Jamin puts back to the authorities of Peru a "Final Report", accompanied with the totality of the met archaeological material. This report is then the object of an attentive study, then, finally, a Resolution approving the document.

Archeological sites met by Thierry's team are officially registered to the Ministry of Culture and the archaeological materials are codified according to the current list.

We would like whether it is there so for all the searches organized in Peru on the tracks of the lost city of the Incas. But it is, regrettably, not the case...