To support the Inkari Institute

You wish to collaborate with our team or you wish to support the searches of Thierry Jamin and of the Institute Inkari, on the tracks of the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonia and of the lost city of Paititi ?

You wish to participate in the projects of economic and social development on which works the Institute, for the benefit of the local populations ?

You are all welcome ! Each can bring his stone. For that purpose, contact our team in the following address and phone number :

Instituto Inkari
Pasaje Esmeralda, N° 181
Distrito de Santiago

Contact :
Thierry Jamin : +51 (0) 84 974 780 419
Tel/Fax : +51 (0) 84 25 39 77

Or contact us by E-mail:

Or contact us by E-mail