Expedition Paititi 2017

You can participate in the financing of the campaign "Paititi 2017", and you can, too, accompany Thierry and his companions on the ground for this expedition maybe historic !

How to help us ?

Participate in the financing of this first flying in base height of the mysterious square mountain and the twin lakes.

From 100 to 500 €

you will receive the official photos of the team realized during the flying.

From 500 to 1.000 €

you will receive in more Thierry Jamin's book dedicated to the petroglyphs of Pusharo and the complete collection of currency of Nuevo Sol, of which the latest, dedicated to the famous petroglyphs.

For a unique donor

Private individual or company who would finance all of the operation, this one, or his representative, would be completely taken care upon his arrival to Cusco and accommodated in the Institute Inkari. He would participate in the ceremony of offerings with Thierry Jamin and his group and would fly away with them over the likely zone of Paititi.

Together, we shall make History !

Thanks to All !

Make your dination

By making a bank transfer towards the account of the Instituto Inkari - Cusco. For it print address and coordinates banking of the Instituto Inkari - Cusco.

Banco de Credito de Perú
Avenida Sol
Cusco - Perú

Code IBAN: 002 285 002072356184 59
Name of the account:Instituto INKA de Investigatión y Revaloración Indigena - Cusco - Perú
Address: Pasage Esmeralda #181 - Interior 3 - Distrito de Santiago - Cusco - Perú

See you very soon & Thank you very much!

The adventure begins now!